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Cloning Objects

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Right first off, in my short tutorial, your not cloning a unit.


You are getting another unit from somewhere else like, the King Raptor. Replacing the original Raptor with it.


Also i expect everyone to know how to guide themselves around the left bar strings. The things i put in brackets represent stuff for beginners, for which i replaced the superweapon general's Raptor, for the Air force General's King raptor :] (goes great with Aura Alpha)




1. Go to the object you want to clone in the edit tree. Now go to the "parent" of this entry which shows a list of objects on the right if you select it. Find your object in there and select it.


2. On the bottom, select the clone button.



3. Name cloned object. (i named mine 'SupW_AmericaKingRaptor')


4. Your cloned object will come out of a place like Barracks etc. so, go to the Barracks for example, and select and copy the name under 'object' (do the same, but the name your looking for will be SupW_AmericaAirfield which is under General>Superweapon.)


5. Now, Paste the name from where the object comes out of, barracks for example, paste it into the cloned object's prerequisites (paste it into your cloned object's prerequisites which your cloned object was named 'SupW_AmericaKingRaptor')


Command Button


1. select your clone, under 'object' copy its name.


2. open up the Command Button string and look up the original of the clone (this will be called 'AirF_Command_ConstructAmericaJetRaptor')


3. Clone it just like you did with the object, you do this by going to the 'parent' directory again.


4. give it a name (call it 'SupW_Command_ConstructAmericaKingRaptor')


5. go look for it, it's in the string you are in now.


6. click on it, right click on 'object' and click paste. this will now put in what your cloned object name is.


7. copy the command button's name, its the very top one. (this should be called 'SupW_Command_ConstructAmericaKingRaptor' if you've followed me correctly)


Command Set


1. select the command set which responds to your unit, like an infantry unit comes out of the barracks (this will be 'SupW_AmericaAirfieldCommandSet' in our case)


2. where i told you to copy the command button's name you need to paste it into one of those boxes you see, an empty one maybe (in our case, it wont be empty, you must paste it over the top of the one in box '1')


Course this has other applications. if, for example, you wanted to add a new building. you would do exactly the same. BUT you must clone the original command Sets in order to add infantry to a barracks.


Right that's a small tutorial to me, i hope it made sence to beginners at this sort of editing, it took me quite some time to interpret koen and theiry's guide, but thats basically where i got this from.


Yeah and a note to everyone who reads this, say i wanted to use a king raptor on a super weapon general, i would change the name from 'AirF_blah' to 'SupW_blah2'.


Thanx guys, and hopfully this guide will be made obsolite when Koen finishes his editer :]


[edit by Koen]Updated cloning for beta 2+ series behavior, with the new buttons and an image[/edit]


edited it to make me seem older then when i first wrote, spelling mistakes grammer puncuation. its all important to get your point across.

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Moved to tutorials, as it is a tutorial :D

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hehe, you found it then :]


im still working on maxing out the Super Weapon General.


the thing is koen, and im not sure you are aware of this: the Emperor tank for china tank general, it only has 1 string for its prerequisites, BUT there are acually two prerequisites that are required to make the tank. the only one you can edit is the war factory, when you cant do nothing about the propagander centre.


is this going to be fixed in another alpha update, or am i missing something here?

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i cant clone anything coz tibed wont let me right click. is there another way to cloning. ta

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Edited the tutorial so it is correct again for the beta series of TibEd 2.

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Guest louisleo2842607

hi koen i already have the beta version of tibed2 but it wont let me clone still or make a new unit. ta :D

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Edited the tutorial so it is correct again for the beta series of TibEd 2.


thanx koen, ive only just noticed because im making another mod for zero hour. had to re-format the pc a few days ago.


thanx again. good luck with the official beta three release.

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:?: can u tell me (if you can) how to clone/create a new general and change the name of a team or general????

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While team cloning is possible, it is a massive operation. And then things happen like the team being not selectable, things like that. Isn't it easier to take an existing General and change it?

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