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tib sun to matrix?

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hey, i really like the matrix movies and i want them to make a rts game out of it. they ,so far, have not. so I am. any 1 wants to help that is cool, if noone does thats ok too, jus wunderin if any1 want to help a litttle. i will be using tibsun because it has some more features that i like, exe. unlimited superweapons exc.

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well, i don t know. i fig a few ppl would stick a few ideas in here, i kinda make up stuff as i go. i use all the stuff from the movies and i add the rest in to be as realistic as posible. even the worst modders can help i dont really care. you wanna help? u can. anyone want to submit a voxel ar an shp thts fine jus find me on aim, im on all the time, mostly at nite from 8 pm to 11 am :ghost: . heres my aim:






[email protected]

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im usint ra2 YR instead of tibsun, jus lettin u know

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