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This file contains invalid data. (patch install issue)

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I'm a US Army Infantryman on deployment in Kandahar and I'm using my very limited internet time to try to figure this out. Should show you how much I love the Command and Conquer series right there.


I am by no means super computer savvy. I was very excited to see this compilation come out, but then very disappointed to find that it ONLY works for XP for some reason, and would not run on Vista. I was overjoyed to find that it would indeed run on Windows 7 when I got my newer laptop, however when trying to run several of the game sin the series I get fatal errors or missing dll file errors that prevent the games from starting. The couple that I CAN play experience a lot of graphic and color problems.


So I was very happy to see that a patch had been introduced, not sure if it fixes my particular problems, but it's worth a shot. However I can't even get this patch to install. The error message is in the post's topic line.


Please help as soon as possible.


Real Life GDI Rifleman.

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As for the patch containing invalid data, it just sounds like the download got corrupted, re-download from here and give it a go

I tried getting it from another site earlier, and it worked. Still have the color issues but I haven't had the chance to check your link. Fixerd the missing dll file issue by simply clicking "Run as Administrator" when opening the program. I noticed that some of the games have menu issues where the game will not refresh the screen unless you tab out and back in, and that the video is missing from RA2, but I am pretty sure I read something about that in these forums so I will recheck there.


Thank you very much for your help.

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If you mean the colour problems in C&C1 and RA1, then patching the games with my installers will most likely fix those.


C&C95 (patch 1.06c):

http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cnc95upd/cc95p106/ (first apply the actual patch, then the hotfix, as indicated in the decriptions)

Red Alert (patch 3.03):



There's also an addon called cnc-ddraw, which solves all colour-related problems by switching to a different graphics system (openGL), which simply doens't get those colour problems. This addon also enables windowed mode, stretching, and screen captures.


It can perfectly be used in combination with the previous patches, but it needs some manual setting up (editing an ini settings file) if you want to disable the windowed mode (which is enabled by default).

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