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Guide for a full installation of C&C Gold and addon Covert Operations

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Guide for a full installation of C&C Gold and addon Covert Operations



Since I couldn't find a complete guide to cover this, I wrote this to save others time and confusion.


Thanks to Nyerguds and its unofficial C&C Gold patch (which is also a standalone installer) and some additional files you can make a full installation of C&C Gold and addon Covert Operations.


By full installation I mean:

- Latest patch

- Movies and Music for C&C Gold

- Movies and Music for the addon Covert Operations

- Play it without any CD (full content on harddisk) under Windows XP 32Bit



Main Installation with patches


Download and install cc95v106b_r2_full.exe


Download and install cc95v106c_r1.exe


Download and extract this to your game folder 106c_r1_hotfix1.zip




Additional Files


Music pack from addon Covert Operations cc95v106_mus.rar


C&C Gold movies cnc1_movies_full.rar


C&C addon Covert Operations movies hcnc1_movies_covops.rar


Savegame packs for high resolution C&C Gold Savegames HiRes





- If something is missing or unnecessary, please correct this.


- Maybe this can be me made a sticky post in the forum or included on Nyergud's site.


- @Nyerguds: How about splitting the patch in a base part with the big files (movies, music, etc.) and one part with the rest (Patches, Fixes) for future development?

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Thanks for making this! I should've done this ages ago, but I always keep thinking "if I just finish 1.06c r2, with its full installer pack, I won't need to". But with the patch kinda stuck in the sea of other stuff I'm involved in, this was really necessary.


I should really move that movies pack off-site though, to Megaupload or something. It tends to suck up far too much bandwidth.


@Nyerguds: How about splitting the patch in a base part with the big files (movies, music, etc.) and one part with the rest (Patches, Fixes) for future development?

I will keep the music included in the basic patch and game install pack, for the simple reason it's a vital part of the game IMO, and it's not terribly big anyway. The fact 1.06c and 1.06c r1 didn't have a full game pack was never intended though. I wanted to release a full game pack of every version, but the fact some critical bugs appeared very fast which needed a bit of research to figure out, coupled with a lack of time on my part, kinda messed that up. And with the progress on 1.06c r2 going on, I thought it'd be better to just focus on that. Might have been a mistake, but I don't see much use in still releasing it now, if the next release could be so much more.


Mind you, there are two scenarios I need to take into account, each with their own mutations:

-The user doesn't have the game, and wants to download everything

-The user has the game either as CDs (including or lacking Covert Ops), or as TFD.

I started this project as patch, so I don't want to force everyone to download everything if it's possible to just get it off the CD.


For the videos though, this presents several problems, with both CDs having a "movies.mix" with different content. Which is why the game can be played without No-CD mode enabled. With loads of people emulating CD drives anyway, this doesn't give much problems.



In the future, I will release movie packs, in all 4 officially released languages (eng/ger/fre/jap). Users can basically download one of four 'base' packs (containing the briefings + action videos in one movies.mix file, with the accompanying update.mix for the stretching files), and language addon packs which only contain the briefings for the other language.


The video support of the language system I created in C&C95 is built in such a way that the addon-language videos override the ones in movies.mix, meaning any videos missing from the addon (like, all the language-neutral action videos) will simply still be read from movies.mix. (The disadvantage of the system is that they're all loose files in a subfolder of the game, though)

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Hmm... this guide needs some updating :P

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Yeah. It's just basically that, now. Full installer, straight from the site :P

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