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i think koen has updated tibed without telling us

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Well... Latest version is alpha 13 dated 28/3/2004. But beta 1 is almost finished - a huge rewrite with some missing features.

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good to know this place is back online :]


yea i was frustrated that i didnt have the latest and it's been a month of posting 'how the hell do i do this' after another


but im alright now, hopfully you can forgive me :P

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I'll post a download link here today. You should know however, that due to the rewrite there is one very important feature missing from this version: You can't add anything. So be sure to keep alpha 13 around as well, as you can add stuff with it and then switch over to beta 1.


Beta 1 is better than alpha 13, but has less features. That's the general idea. And now it needs testing.

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