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CnCSaga.de Interviews Red Alert Synergy Creator

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A week ago, our friends at CnCSaga.de have interviewed SighNapse, the creator of the highly anticipated Red Alert Synergy mod for Red Alert 3. Here's an excerpt from the interview:




Why did you choose RA3, which is quite colourful in comparison to other games like Tiberium Wars, that would go along with Yuri’s theme?

Converting to C&C 3 would either mean remaking the Allies, Soviets and the Empire (which would take years), or porting all of the RA3 assets to C&C 3. Also we would need to completely give up naval combat which is something we were never prepared to do.


Are there any things you can tell other modders, who are not as experienced as you?

Start with a small mod, something along the lines off adding a few units into the game rather than a full faction. The only reason I found myself in this situation was because someone else couldn’t manage the project and it fell apart leaving me to pick up the pieces.


You can read the rest of the interview here. It's also available in German.

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I'm also sorry to report that their ModDB profile is lost.

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