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100 euros this Xmas! RA2 Competitions, New Patches and Site designs

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Fireworks will be giving away 100 euros to the player that plays the most RANKED Red Alert 2 matches during December 2011!


Read more on how to sign up and potentially win yourself some spending money for the new year!


Red Alert 2, officially now has an optional patch in development by Olaf.


REF# : Patch Version 0.0.2

What does this patch do?

RA2 Patch 0.0.2 introduces the following:

  • Additional Maps: Red Alert 2 (RA2) Quick Match (QM) Map Patch was originally created by Josh and Frank but is now included here.
  • Resolution Fix: This allows you to display RA2 in a resolution your monitor and drivers support.
  • Windows 7 Quitting RA2 Fix: Originally using RA2 with the CD or any other download, without installing this patch, doesn't allow RA2 to quit succusefully. Users were unable to quit RA2 without having to End Task.
  • QM Matching whilst on Desktop Fix: Originally, when RA2 matched you with a player in QM and you were on the desktop, it would have created an internal error. Now it maximizes RA2 whilst you are on the desktop.
  • Screen-shots: Screen-shots were commonly taken 2-3 years ago for proving your fairplay to one another. Right now, this way is pretty much redundant. This new Hall of Fame (HOF) requirement captures every ranked match you play and uploads them directly to your game statistics page. You can also take screen-shots by pressing Ctrl+S.

Read more on how to use, and its requirement for Hall of Fame..



The Strike-Team.Net forums also went under a recent upgrade, along with a new logo and design. This is hoped to be achieved with the ladders in due course.

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The irony of getting an award for spamming games...


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