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Tiberian Genesis Mod Featured in Dutch Magazine

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The Tiberian Genesis mod for Crysis: Warhead has been featured in the current issue of the Dutch gaming magazine "Gameplay". You can click on the thumbnail to see the full image in Dutch, or scroll down to see the English translation:



With Tiberian Genesis, the Crydev mod team Incognito, wants to stir up the struggle between GDI and Nod higher like never before. Every C&C player knows that you don't need to be in the midst of the battle. Keeping the overview from a birds-eye perspective and taking the right strategic decisions is much more important. Just like in Nuclear Dawn, you will have to battle forces on the ground and in the air in Tiberian Genesis, which makes this project very ambitious. Not only do the creators want to recreate every unit and building from GDI and Nod with the CryENGINE 2, they also want to create impressive levels where the Tiberium slowly spreads and mutates around the beautiful environment. Announced game modes are base infiltration and building and defending your own base while under constant attack. On paper, this is without doubt one of the most impressive mods of the moment, let's just hope that the young and ambitious mod would be biting off far more than it could chew there...


In other news, the team has been expanding recently, and they've made many screen shots from their November testing sessions, including a brand new Harvester. Here are some samples:



To stay informed on the project, you can follow their website or ModDB profile.

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Remarkable work!


I look forward to seeing lots of high quality art from this team in the future.

I glad that they have mapped out a realistic release schedule which should mean that at least a couple of playable releases are forthcoming.

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