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The Red Alert Patch 1.1 Announced

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CNC Labs, the creators of The Red Alert mod for Red Alert 3, have announced patch 1.1, with a full changelog already posted. They are hoping to release it before Christmas, and there is already a group of testers playing the preliminary versions. Here's a part of the changelog:




  • Fixed bug that prevented the RA1 music after loading a level
  • Added a simple dynamic music script (works only in skirmish games with AI)

All factions:

  • Command Centers can now repack to an MCV
  • Added "Return to Refinery" button to Ore Miners (notice that they won't resume harvesting until the player give them the correct instruction)
  • Crushing infantry gives the tank a 33% Rate of fire debuff and a 10% armor debuff for 3 seconds on top of the 33% speed debuff
  • Rocket Soldier weapon against ground targets no longer track targets
  • Changed Rocket Soldier rocket model
  • Added reload sound to all airplanes and helicopters


  • Medium tanks are less effective against infantry because of a small scatter radius
  • Artillery does less damage when it shoots farther (damage decreases from 150 close to 90 far)


  • Heavy tanks are less effective against infantry because of a small scatter radius
  • Grenadiers no longer clear garrisoned buildings
  • Decreased Spy plane Reveal range from 350 to 300


  • Increased max zoom from 550 to 680
  • Fixed build problems for easy and medium AI
  • Ore fields have more ore, but grow slower
  • Added some small economy tweaks to the AI


You can read the full changelog right here. In other news, The Red Alert has been downloaded over 30,000 times from various mirrors in only three months. You can follow the mod through their website or ModDB profile.

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Sweet! What I want the most is a better AI because it was too stupid in the intial release. It needs to be more aggressive and to never stop building units and buildings.

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