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C&C95 Patch 1.06c Revision 2 Released

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Command & Conquer Project 1.06 has finally been updated, more than a year after the previous release. Combining the classic EXE hacking with the external CnC-DDraw dll gives this new release a huge list of new features.




Read the ModDB release article for a full overview of the new features.


Here's a quick overview of the major additions:

  • Free resolution control; you can play in any resolution you want
  • Videos can be stretched without black horizontal lines in them
  • Videos can be stretched to fullscreen in higher resolutions
  • A windowed mode is available
  • Better support for maps with less than 6 starting points
  • A new configuration tool combining the settings of both CnC-DDraw and the game itself into one set of easy options.

Some of the smaller features:

  • A beep is now played when receiving a message in multiplayer
  • The radar minimap is no longer zoomed in by default
  • All game fonts have been updated to correct errors
  • Colour errors in the stretching of the Nod map selection screens have been fixed

The new patch can be downloaded at the Project 1.06 website, while the full release notes can be found here.

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