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Tiberium Crystal War Online Demo v1.11 Released

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The latest instalment of the Tiberium Crystal War standalone mod for C&C Renegade has just been released. One of the most obvious changes is that the game now has an installer and an uninstaller, packed with all VCRedist and DirectX Runtime files necessary to play. Green and blue Tiberium now have correct values like in Tiberium Wars, and new maps have been added, while some older ones were updated.




You can download it from the following mirrors (987 MB in size):

All further information can be read here.

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Thanks for the fast response ;)

The moddb link will be http://www.moddb.com...al-war-beta-111 but it needs auth by an admin there.


Most notable changes:

- Green tiberium now gives $700 on deposit

- Blue tiberium now gives $1400 on deposit

- Fixed the tiberium deposit zone on Mediterranean for Nod

- Binary version upped to 4.2

- New map TCW_Snowarfare Christmas special by Mauler

- New map TCW_Center_Point where you must capture the Countdown Point for cruiser attacks on enemy base

- New map TCW_Centre

- New map TCW_Cruising (Coop)

- New map TCW_Midnight_Light (Coop)

- New map TCW_Dominatrix where you capture consoles for points, when your team hits 5k points you win

- New map TCW_Mediterranean

- New map TCW_Temple by Mauler

- New map TCW_Tropical

- New map TCW_Walls port from Renegade with new textures by Fear

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Sad to say this, I'm dissapointed since most Nod vehicles are still placeholders. As I don't like to play like this, I wonder if there are maps in which tiberium is more than a green texture in the ground. At least the few structures that I got to see are improved since the last version.

Hmmm... hey!, what if I play GDI only?

Anyway, despite all the work that is to be done, I think this mod will be great.

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Yea the Stealth Tank, Flame Tank and Scorpion are for now the vehicles that will be added first in a next future update.

We're working on those :) They will get added shortly. (We will (try to) add all vehicles and characters into the game asap)

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