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BioWare Interview at MTV Multiplayer

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There is a new interview posted at MTV Multiplayer with BioWare CEO Greg Muzyka and VP Greg Zeschuck about the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is another BioWare game. During the interview, they briefly discuss the appeal of the BioWare model of storytelling, and why was it a fit for the upcoming Command & Conquer: Generals 2.


MTV Geek: Well, along those same lines, why did your team feel like Command and Conquer: Generals was a good outlet for storytelling? It’s not the first franchise you’d think of when you’re talking about story in games.


Ray Muzyka: To answer broadly and then specifically, I’ll start with the broad discussion of what Bioware means as a label. It means a couple of things: there’s the philosophy of Bioware and our vision of creating, delivering, and evolving the most emotionally-engaging games in the world. And there’s a large overlap between real-time strategy fans and RPG fans and MMO fans. So, we’re excited about the opportunity get into a universe that I enjoyed—I enjoyed Command and Conquer a lot and a lot of the people on the rest of the Bioware label enjoyed it a lot. So partnering with Bioware-Victory allows us to pursue that vision in the RTS space.


It doesn’t mean we’re going to implement story in the way that you’ve seen in Bioware games previously, it doesn’t mean won’t implement story either. What it means is we’re going to implement story and emotionally-engaging content in a way that’s appropriate for that genre. And delivering that Bioware quality is another aspect of that vision—creating, delivering, and evolving really high-quality games that emotionally compel and engage.


There’s another aspect of the Bioware label [and] that’s how we do things, the process by which we do things. Sharing knowledge between team members, enabling technology and moving back and forth between different genres and enabling different genre groups to pursue excellence in their own respective fields. We have a business unit dedicated to social games, a business unit devoted to RPGs—the Mass Effects and Dragon Ages and other future products—a business unit dedicated to MMOs. These are all examples of how we’re pursuing excellence in different areas that are extending our brand but definitely not diluting it. They’re enhancing and adding. It’s a very careful, thoughtful evolution and growth and it’s all in ways that [are] consistent with our core values around quality and emotionally-engaging content.


The more specific answer is that we have some awesome people that we’ve partnered with at Bioware-Victory and we’re really excited about that, you know, John Van Caneghem [General Manager of Victory Games] and others who a lot of experience and passion for the space. And I think we’re going to do some amazing work. You know, Generals is a really interesting IP, it’s one of the most compelling, and it’s certainly the one that fans have been clamouring for a sequel for the most. So bringing the Bioware fundamental vision of the most engaging content and really high-quality gameplay, combining that with appropriately-woven story that also lets you experience this amazing, kick-ass action, what RTS fans expect, and all of the features that real-time strategy fans demand, and giving the team the time and space to build something that’s completely awesome. That’s what we’re really doing here.


You will find the full interview right here.

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Interesting read. I still like how they talk the talk... I just hope next year we find they do walk the walk too.

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Guest Stevie_K

Good find. Not much new though.

"Emotionally engaging" sounds good. Generals was lacking at that. :)

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