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Tutorial: Playing RA2 and YR via Hamachi

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The original website of this tutorial is down, so I'll pass it on here, and revise it a bit. Works for both RA2 and YR. Windows Vista users don't require steps 3-8 (thx Zee).

1. Install Hamachi (preferably v1.0.1.5)
2. Install Red Alert 2 patch v1.006 and Yuri's Revenge patch v1.001 (TFD comes pre-patched)
3. Make sure that the Hamachi Network Interface has "NWLink IPX" (if not, add it through the following steps:)
4. Go to Network Connections via Control Panel. Make sure that your Ethernet connection has "NWLink IPX"
5. Right click your LAN adapter (in this case Hamachi), and go to Properties
6. Click Install
7. Select Protocol, click OK
8. Select NWLink IPX, and click OK
9. Download the UnderStorm Red Alert 2 LAN Patch* and extract "wsock32.dll" from the downloaded archive to the root folder of your Red Alert 2 installation. This replaces the deprecated IPX protocol with the state-of-the-art UDP protocol.
10. Go to Network Connections via Control Panel again if you closed it.
11. You can see the available connections in the LAN and High-Speed Internet section of the Network Connections window.
12. On the Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings, and then click the Adapters and Bindings tab.
13. Move Hamachi to the top to select it as the primary adapter. In the Connections area, select the Hamachi connection that you want to move higher in the list. Use the arrow buttons to move the connection to the top. Restart your computer to apply these settings.

14. If you don't see that list, but rather Network Connections folder opened, hit "Start -> Run", and type in "regedit". This opens up the registry editor.
14a. Expand into "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\tcpip\parameters\interfaces".
14b. In there, you should see an even amount of folders. Look through them all, and find the one folder that has "DhcpSubnetMask" and "DhcpSubnetMaskOpt" set to That is your Hamachi network.
14c. Right-click, and hit "New -> DWORD Value", and name it "InterfaceMetric". Double-click it, and set it to 4, or any such low value. (If anything breaks, visit here)

15. Start Hamachi and make sure that all players have joined the the same Hamachi network.
16. Start Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge.
17. Make sure to reselect the 0000 Adapter: from the main menu, choose Options->Network, Select Network Card, the one starting with 00 00 00 00:00 00 00 00, leave the other stuff empty, click OK. This is important to ensure that you select the UDP adapter, otherwise the network won't work. Ensure that you reselect the adapter, even if it is already selected.
18. Back to main menu and click Network.
19. When you do this, you will be seeing your friends if they did the same.

• Usually Hamachi knows how to bypass your firewall / NAT, but in case of failure, try to deactivate your firewalls, or at least to allow Hamachi to connect to the Internet

*Understorm's website is down again. I've temporarily uploaded the TS/RA2 LAN patch to my Mediafire account until the website returns. http://www.mediafire...734q58labf4rin5

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Guest Rabbit

Good guide. Helped me figure things out when I wanted to play.

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Dude, what's your problem. You like Hamachi in one moment and hate it in another? I made this for people that use it and couldn't care less about Tunngle.

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I quit using Hamachi when it broke my local network (PROTIP: it actually did that) and I haven't used it since. I refuse to use it again anyway; not to mention it's pretty lame when it comes to handling accounts and servers.

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