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Job: Voice Actor for TCW

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Hello people,


Games we are seeking people for:

Tiberium Crystal War - UDK (Unreal Engine 3)

Tiberium Crystal War - W3D (Westwood 3D)


We are developing a game on Unreal Engine 3 which will feature Structures, Units and Audio from Electronic Arts Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars.

The game is called "Command and Conquer: Tiberium Crystal War" and it is an First Person Shooter with a strategy element in it. It will have no Single Player missions however there will be a Co-Op mode where you can battle with several others against the AI.


While playing you have access to several key combinations to execute so called 'radio commands' to let fellow team members know what to do and not to do.

The Radio Commands that require recording are listed below:


Ctrl+1 - Building needs repair!
Ctrl+2 - Get in the vehicle!
Ctrl+3 - Get out of the vehicle!
Ctrl+5 - Watch where you're pointing that!
Ctrl+6 - Don't get in my way!
Ctrl+7 - Affirmative.
Ctrl+8 - Negative.
Ctrl+9 - I'm in position.
Ctrl+0 - Enemy spotted!

Alt+1 - I need repairs!
Alt+2 - Take the point.
Alt+3 - Move out.
Alt+4 - Follow me.
Alt+5 - Hold position.
Alt+6 - Cover me.
Alt+7 - Take cover.
Alt+8 - Fall back.
Alt+9 - Return to base.
Alt+0 - Destroy it now!

Ctrl+Alt+1 -Attack the base defenses!
Ctrl+Alt+2 -Attack the Harvester!
Ctrl+Alt+3 -Attack that structure!
Ctrl+Alt+4 -Attack the Refinery!
Ctrl+Alt+5 -Attack the Power Plant!
Ctrl+Alt+6 -Defend the base!
Ctrl+Alt+7 -Defend the Harvester!
Ctrl+Alt+8 -Defend that structure!
Ctrl+Alt+9 -Defend the Refinery!
Ctrl+Alt+0 -Defend the Power Plant!


We are looking for someone(s) with a cool and/or nice voice to:

- Record our Radio Commands (listed above in code box)

- Record our Coop Campaign objectives (to be composed)

- Record our new Taunt sounds (to be composed)


It is preferred that you have a good clear voice.

We are looking for female and male voice overs.


Experience is not a must but you cannot have a foreign accent. You also do not need to know audio-editing as we have people who are skilled in doing that job already.


If you think you have a good voice please feel free to apply and submit us samples of your voice in either WAV or MP3 format. You can email them to [email protected]

I will make sure the rest of the team gets to hear it and we will discuss if your voice is what we are looking for.


Meanwhile, perhaps you can register on our forums over at http://www.multiplayerforums.com

Also, if we decide to give you the job you need to be a member of http://www.indiedb.com so we can invite you into our MPF Development Group

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