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Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War New Beta Release

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I've just released a new beta of my mod TLW. So please check it out at http://www.moddb.com...-tech-level-war .


Let me introduce you to Tiberian Sun: Tech Level War. It's a mod with a new gameplay tweak, in which you have to build very expensive buildings - the tech centers - in order to level up and have superior buildings and structures and eventually win the battle.


Some changes:

  • The mod is standalone.
  • In Tech Level 1 there are 2 classes, Deffensive and Offensive. The Deffensive class includes units and structures that work well for that purpose, just defend. The Offensive class includes, for example, fast and deadly units like the Pitbull and the Buggy, so, using them, perhaps you could destroy an enemy base in the 1st Tech Level.
  • There is one singleplayer mission made for my Nod campaign. It's called Deja Vu and you'll know why once you played it. There will be more missions in the future.
  • The AI has been improved a lot since last version.

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