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Tiberium Crystal War W3D Beta 1.20 Released

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Version 1.20 of the Tiberium Crystal War mod for C&C Renegade has been released. The change log is quite a read, and here are the most important changes: the Nod Harvester has been added (but without moving treads), a new voice actress is taking the role of EVA as Lt. Sandra Telfair, animated Tiberium Spikes, added rocket pods for the Mammoth Tank, bug fixes, map updates and much more.




Here are the download mirrors (1 GB in size):

It is also very important that you thoroughly read the instructions thread before attempting to play the game, as the notes written there are vital for optimizing game performance, joining servers and customizing your profile.

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Added, even though my intention wasn't to copy the entire changelog ;)

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ah ok thanks, i was only replying, but thanks for adding it :D

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