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Hi Res Patch - Testers Needed

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Here is my high res red alert 3.03 patch which I promised over a month ago.

Hopefully I have included everthing needed to get it up and running but any problems

please let me know.


It should be noted that this is only being released for testing purposes.

Hopefully I can get some useful feedback to develop this further into a full 3.04 version.

Any comments will be gratefully received.


RA 303 Plus.rar

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I thought this hi-res project was left off after "Hi-Fi" said he couldn't finish it and decided to give away the work to Hyper to finish it. :rolleyes:

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I know Hyper is currently working on a patch but this is all my own work.

I decided to release it after spending almost 2 years on it after I found that I

couldn't give it the time it requires.


As for screenshots I'm hoping to have some ready soon. However I can only do them through office

so the palette is a little off. Any help with this will be much appreciated.

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I have since abandoned RA3.04, as AlexB has took over with hes project. Good though, as this has given me time to work of TS HyperPatch. Congrats on the patch though :)

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I just tested it and here's what happens when I start a game, either skirmish or campaign :




I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and I had to rename RA95.DAT to RA95.BAT ( D to B ). No compatibility was activated.

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Uhh... a .bat is supposed to be a text script. The ra95.dat isn't a .bat file, it's a renamed .exe file.


If you don't have a ra95.exe to start the ra95.dat, that simply means you're missing the vital component in this setup... namely, the actual v3.03 patch. Vistha's patch is an upgrade for the original v3.03 patch, but it doesn't contain all of RA v3.03 itself.


I'm surprised (and appalled) that renaming it to .bat works, but the reason it crashes is simply because it doesn't find all files necessary for running RA v3.03.

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Hi, i installed your patch and its amazing, but there has occured (im not good at english, hope i hit the right word ^^) a new error. when i start the game, my screen (samsung syncmaster) tells me that there is a modus that isnt conform (^^) and i should switch to 1920x1200 @ 60hz. how can i do that?


had the same in c&c generals. there i changed the resolution line in the options.ini and it worked. is in the ra folder a same file where i can change this?


thanks for help, Frankie

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It seems I've neglected this for quite some time, epecially since this thread is 4 months old.


I have recently tested the patch on the TFD version of red alert with the 1.03 patch.

I can report that the patch above works perfectly with this version albeit without the extra videos as they are missing from the mix file.


There are probably a few small patches I'd like to implement but as far as I am concerned this patch is pretty much complete.

After all this all began as a way of playing my old 4CD version of Red Alert on my new computer which upon completion I decided was

worth sharing.


However if bugs are found with this patch I may release a newer version. Although it would seem that others are working on a far more

comprehensive patch.


Edit: I have just discovered that the extra videos can still be used with the TFD version of Red Alert by using the mix files available from Nyerguds

website in the 'Red Alert: The Lost Files'. All that is required is renaming the TLF-miss and TLF-movs mix files so that they start with sc and putting them in the Red Alert directory.

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I may do eventually but I'm not sure that I've finished with it yet.

I keep thinking of 'little' changes I'd like to make and can't just leave it be.

Maybe it wasn't quite as complete as I had thought.

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Well, donating you fixes isn't a one-off thing. You can always tweek things later. It would simply be a collaborative effort.

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The work is pretty much all done in assembly so sharing does seem like the way to go.

The only problem is that my notes aren't very good but that shouldn't take too long to sort out.

I'll just have to find what patches I have which are not already included on the github page.

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Since I posted I have myself forked hifi's repository to do some architectural changes, and add the ability to build mix files too so everybody can patch assets or code with equal finesse. I don't know too much reverse-engineering, or just about anything about RA's executable workings. But I have some idea now about how hifi's patcher works, and would be glad to help you merge you changes if you want.

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