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Submit Your Questions for Our Tiberium Alliances Interview

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We are currently in the process of setting up an interview with the Tiberium Alliances team at EA Phenomic. If you have any questions you want us to ask, post them here and we will include them in our interview.




You can post them by replying in this news thread. Post them on our Facebook, send via our Twitter page or just use the good old fashioned e-mail.

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Perhaps the most important question to most of the C&C fans and players, when will the open beta of Tiberium Alliances be made available so everyone can try out the free-to-play game? If so, when will Tiberium Alliances become the full version? A lot of people are frustrated and disappointed of not able to get the beta keys they wanted, including me.

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Will be there some introduction of Legion as special neutral, playable or "enemy-to-all" faction? That will attack everyone and do some diversions to players, randomly stealing their resources, research points to research stolen units and atack player bases with them. Of course, his bases will be hidden, like in Kane's Wrath Global Conquest, where Nod bases was stealthed too, and if player find his base and kills it (it will be defended more specially and heavier), players will be able to grab 3-5x times more resources by killing special bases, that are under Legion control.

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