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Cartoon and Conquer Now Hosted at CNCNZ.com

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For many months now, the Cartoon and Conquer series by Nmenth has been posted here in our forums. We have now created a small sub site for it right here at CNCNZ.com. It features all the past editions, as well as the very latest that was just posted today, as previewed below.






Visit the new Cartoon and Conquer site to see the latest cartoon and more. Cartoon and Conquer joins our other hosted network site, Command & Patch.

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Moved the comments pertaining to the context of the cartoon itself to the cartoon's topic. This topic is about the site move.


In case you all didn't notice, Cartoon and Conquer has its own forum now. All the episodes have been moved there.

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Now all that is missing is an RSS feed. Or will all comics also be posted in this feed? That would work too.

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