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Cry of Fear

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I thought this big and epic mod is a fun one but the requirements and progress to get to this really p*** me off! :mad:


When I found out that the latest patch must go via auto-update, that's where I changed my mind. Luckily I haven't downloaded it yet until I learned the real truth. Recent game patches to original games are mostly not seen from the public and most of them went through auto-updates without having to save a backup patch downloaded to the hard drive and now mod patches are going next.


Although Sonic was right about Half-Life being an old game from 1998, what's the point of downloading a huge mod that must install with a HL Steam version and get automatic updates there? I already had a boxed retail version of the older original HL without Steam, but if I try to activate my old serial code of HL into Steam, I have to download the whole game all over again as said from this thread: http://www.cry-of-fe...php?topic=751.0


Mod of the year? Any DRM being put into an add-on mod from any game is guaranteed a massive epic fail.

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