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Faulty Desura Installations of Red Alert: A Path Beyond

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Just a few days ago this important news about Red Alert: A Path Beyond was posted on the Bluehell Productions site. It appears that a non functioning version of the 2.1 Gamma release appeared on Desura, ModDB's download platform service. This was through no fault of Bluehell Productions though.





Hey everybody, over the past three weeks, around 400 installations of A Path Beyond 2.1 occurred via the Desura service (the ModDB/IndieDB download platform). Unfortunately, Bluehell Productions were not the ones who prepared that installation, and unless you were using a particular configuration of Windows XP it is likely that the game would not even run if you were try to launch it afterwards.


This Desura installation does not appear to properly configure dependency packages for DirectX 9 or the Microsoft VC redistributables, or registry information; our typical standalone .exe installers do this all for you automatically, so most people don't really take note of it happening. Checking the statistics, there were around 100 people who immediately removed it when it failed to run properly.


To download a working copy of Red Alert: A Path Beyond 2.1 please use this installation instead. It will give you everything you need to play the current public version.


Sorry for the inconvenience if you are one of the many who tried to play using Desura. We're figuring out what happened right now, I just got a message from the party responsible


Click here for the original announcement.

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