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Will Generals 2 Be at PAX East 2012?

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On the Official C&C Forums, a simple question was raised: Will Generals 2 be making an appearance at the upcoming PAX East next month? Well, the short answer is no, it won't be, as mentioned by community manager, EA_CIRE, in this post....




Sorry guys, there will be no Generals 2 presence @PAX East.


This caused a little bit of unhappiness from the fans on the Official C&C Forums. They basically went on to ask why even announce the game so early and give the community nothing since the announcement? EA_CIRE further explained....


We announced it so early for two major reasons


- Everybody in the community knew that there is a new game in the works and you guys asked/begged weekly for the announcement

- We wanted to announce it early for you to get your feedback as we're finishing the game, to incorporate more feedback and get a better feeling what you expect in 2013 from a Generals 2.


Click here for the original thread.

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