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Patchnotes 29.02.2012

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Here are the Patchnotes for the up coming patch tomorrow, 29.02.2012. We will deploy the Patch on all Servers at around 9AM GMT+1, and expect a Server downtime of ~ 30 minutes.



  • On some computers combat occasionally froze for multiple seconds or even completely. This should no longer occur.
  • Fighting the Forgotten got easier (less defense, slightly less buildings) even on lower levels. The reward per building was increased so raiding still provides the same amount of rewards.
  • The player score calculation for the rankings was adjusted, putting more weight on the base area itself. Defense area/base area/offense are now weighted 1/2/3.
  • Mission rewards were increased
  • Missile Squad: 25% more damage against structures (offense), 25% more against air (defense)
  • Faster progress through functional buildings in Forgotten bases
  • Factory and Barracks now changed positions in the build menu and also in the tech-tree. The tutorial now starts with guardians and research of Pitbull
  • Research cost for “Guardian Cannon†was increased (360k to 470k Research Points)
  • UI was reskinned to match GDI colors
  • Tutorial was reworked. Hints were added that are shown depending on the current situation of the player
  • A confirmation box was added to research
  • Supply Crates can not only be gained through raiding, but also be bought for Play4Free funds. The overall use of Supply Crates is limited through supply points, though.
  • Player ranks: Players gain military ranks by increasing their score. The size of the supply crates is tied the players rank.
  • Storage capacity for command points and repair time can be increase using Play4Free funds.
    --Defense HQ: It is now possible to gain extra command points and resources from raiding Forgotten camps. Every now and then camps and outposts will be marked as special targets for a limited time. If the player manages to destroy the Defense HQ of such a marked camp, he receives a supply crate with extra command points or an extra-large drop of a resource.
    Note: It will take a few hours for these special targets to appear after the deployment of this patch.
    Note: Each player gets marked camps matching his bases. The marks are not visible to other players. A mark will not disappear if another player destroys such a camp, it will just move to a different camp.
    --Defense Facility: This building now mirrors the corresponding player building - it handles the automatic repairing of defense structures and units. A damaged defense facility means less automatic repair.
    --The repair system got reworked to speed up repair of mixed armies compared to single type armies.
    The old system favored armies of only one unit type (e.g. pure vehicle armies). Now barracks, factory and airfield are able to repair units in parallel.
    While single type armies are now harder to repair, armies of two unit types should be slightly easier, with 3 types noticeably easier to repair.
    Like in the old system, units get harder to repair with each level increase. Thus it is still recommended to use multiple bases/armies for raiding to ensure that one can make full use of all command points.

See you on the Battlefield!


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