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Tiberium Alliances Interview with Producer Martin Löhlein

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An interview with Tiberium Alliances Producer, Martin Löhlein, has been posted on the Official Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances site. The interview discusses the recent open beta launch, what he has learned from the closed beta and, most importantly, what new content and updates can we expect in the near future. Here's a sample.




Hi Martin, thank you that you for making time for this interview! How is open beta going so far?


So far things are going very well judging by the game’s progress so far, everyone seems to be having a great time.


What were your key learning’s from closed beta?


We spent 3 month in closed beta during which we learned a lot about how players are actually playing our game – what kind of targets they attack, how successful they are, how they make use of the different units and their combinations. This allowed us to tweak a lot of things but also led us to rework some aspects like the repair system.


We also monitored how players reacted to different objectives. Some resonated better than others. For example, in some missions, we found that descriptions weren’t clear enough, confusing players about what they needed to do or how long it would take them to accomplish a task. Once we made simple wording changes, we saw an immediate positive difference in the players’ response.


Another interesting topic was the research of the MCV for founding a second base. The stronger players are able to have a second base after 5-6 days but a lot of new players got confused by the seemingly high amount of research points needed for it. The player’s income increases exponentially over time, so what seems far away at first can actually be reached quicker than one might think. We adjusted the description for the MCV and pushed the MCV mission to a later point in the player’s progress so that he already got to experience some of this exponential progress when pointed to the first real long term target.


You will find the full interview right here.

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I am cheered by this thought...


Our art department is actually done with the units and buildings, but we are still busy balancing and testing. The economy of both factions is similar, but the units differ not only visually, but also in strengths and weaknesses and in the order in which they are typically researched. We want to make sure that Nod feels significantly different than GDI while being of equal overall strength. Making that happen takes time


... but I will wait until it's implemented before I get too excited.

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Great game, but crashes more than Fallout 3.

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