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EDIT: For those wanting to test the map, goto my site below and get the .zip file.


Then join the server on XWIS called a00000000w

Or join the server by IP:


Just some screenshots of the map Mediterranean i made for TCW before.

The map plays out very nicely there.


Decided to convert it to use in Renegade. The Palm trees, bridges and rocks were done by Mauler.

The Barracks and Hand of Nod will be seperated from the main base.

You can use a teleporter in the base to go from the WF/Air area to

the Hand/Bar area.


Furthermore both teams will have two Tiberium Silo's. I'm still

pondering to make them 'capturable': Destroy the silo, then repair

it to make it yours and gain credits from it. I may or may not do this.


Also there are Repair Facilities available which may also be captured

or not, im not sure yet if i will make them capturable.


They are secondary buildings and don't require destruction to win the game.


Edit: I might add Helipads ... Not sure yet....



Some screenshots and a video, NOT finished yet:







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DOWNLOAD MAP: http://ren.game-maps.net/index.php?act=view&id=1427 (15.3MB)



This map is set on a group of islands connecting with bridges in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Flying enabled map. Much fun spots for sniping if needed. Many trees, bushes and rocks to hide in/behind.

There are several minor defensive structures, but no Advanced Guard Tower or Obelisk.



At the Weapons Factory are 2 Teleporter Tubes which teleport to the Helicopter Pad Area inside the Infantry Barracks.

At the Infantry Barracks are 2 Teleporter Tubes which teleport to the Weapons Factory Area.

At the Airstrip are 2 Teleporter Tubes which teleport to the Helicopter Pad Area inside the Hand of Nod.

At the Hand of Nod are 2 Teleporter Tubes which teleport to the Airstrip Area.

Using the above you can quickly teleport between the islands depending what buildings need attention.

The teleporters are TEAM only so the Nod Teleporters only do Nod Infantry, and the GDI does only GDI Infantry.


Buy Helicopters

To buy a Helicopter you have to walk up to the Helipad. There is a White/Grey MiniConsole in front of it, here you

can press E to buy an Apache($1000), Orca($1000) or Chinook($500).


Special Units

- Recon Bikes: Both sides have Recon Bikes available for $800. They are fast driving and rapid firing motorcycles which

do relatively good damage to buildings.

- Harvesters: Both sides can build player controllable harvesters. When you deposit tiberium your whole team gets $1000

per successful deposit.

- Supply Trucks: Both sides get a supply truck. It can carry three people at once. The Supply Truck will refill the Ammo,

Armor and Health of any PASSENGER that enters it. It has very low health and no armor.

- Apache's and Orca's: They have LIMITED AMMO. A max inventory of 360 with a clipsize of 60. Firing 1 bullet will take

1 round from the clip, firing a rocket will take 10 rounds from the clipsize. You can fire 60 bullets or 6 rockets per clip.

You can REFILL your helicopter on one of the Helipads when they are still alive.


Mini Powerplants

The Power Plants are hidden behind the Hand of Nod and Infantry Barracks and can only be killed externally. No MCT is

available because they are too small to get inside :P


Crate Spawners

There is one Weapon Crate spawning randomly on the center four islands and one Yellow Crate as well.


Special Map Notes

- When you repair a destroyed Tiberium Silo from either team, it will be repaired, teamed to your team and grant your

whole team credits.

- When you repair a destroyed Repair Facility from either team, it will be repaired, teamed to your team and your whole

team can repair vehicles on it then.

- The Tiberium Silo's and Repair Facilities do not count as actual buildings, it is not required to destroy them to win

the game.

- Tiberium Silo's, Repair Facilities and Helicopter Pads are extremely hard to nuke or ion. You have to place the beacon

in the CENTER of the structure to destroy it by beacon. Placing it at the side of it will just damage it a little bit.

This can't be fixed unfortunately and is a bug in the Renegade Engine with dealing scaled damage to Simple- and Vehicle



GDI Buildings:

- Weapons Factory

- Infantry Barracks

- Power Plant

- Tiberium Refinery

- Tiberium Silo

- Repair Facility

- Helicopter Pad x3


Nod Buildings:

- Airstrip

- Hand of Nod

- Power Plant

- Tiberium Refinery

- Tiberium Silo

- Repair Facility

- Helicopter Pad x3


SSGM.ini Crate Vehicle Entries

If you want to enable vehicle crates on the server you run this map on then use the following entries in

ssgm.ini to have them deliver on the proper locations:























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