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Guest Rabbit

Map Layout

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Guest Rabbit


These are the cities, in the order in which the character discovers them:

I'm giving the cities plant-related names until I can come up with something slightly more original, unless it just fits well the way it is.

  • EAST CITY - "Cedar Village"
  • SMALL CITY - "Twigton"
  • NORTHEAST CITY - "Woodland"
  • NORTH CITY - "Fiesta Gardens"
  • WEST CITY - "Beechwood Harbor"
  • WASTELAND - "Mossy Hollow"
  • SOUTH CITY - "Oak Valley"
  • ISLAND - "Crabshell Island"
  • FAR NORTH - "Spruce Corridor"

Type of City: Town with schools and a few shops. There's a beach to the east.
Places of Importance: Homes, shops.

Type of City: Small town with a few shops and an unfinished railroad. Seems that Tiberium doesn't affect this area.
Places of Importance: Animal Clinic, Postal Center

Type of City: Woody Village
Places of Importance:

Type of City: Huge populated city with many stores and activity.
Places of Importance:

Type of City: Naval Harbor town.
Places of Importance:

Type of City: Abandoned houses, swamp, tons of Tiberium
Places of Importance: Mutant village

Type of City: Very hot town with many farmlands and ponds.
Places of Importance:

Type of City: Island fortress
Places of Importance: Kane's Castle.

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Time above is most recent update.

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Guest Rabbit

Updated map slightly, added names of each city.

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