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2 Question About TS/TS:FS

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Hello peeps...


Currently, I'm making a mod (Just a simple one and not elaborate) for me to play when I feel ultra bored... So, my questions are:


1. How do I permanently [email protected] "Fog Of War"? Is it even posibble? (Its purpose is only to monitor the AI movements. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less)

2. How do I prevent terrains/grounds from being destroyed permanently? (It's really annoying when one try to rebuild his/her base on a crater after it's being razed ya know)

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1) The shroud is controlled on a per map basis so it's not even possible to remove quickly. If TS had a SpySat tag, you could slap it on the construction yard but alas... it does not.

2) Deform and DeformThreshhold. Remove those from any warheads with them listed and it won't happen anymore.

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