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A Look at the Engineers in the C&C Universe

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So, it's the International Workers' Day, and with that in mind, the team at French C&C fan site CNC Saga has decided to take a look back at that tireless, sometimes unappreciated unit that is present in all Command & Conquer games, the Engineer.




Click here for the English translation of the article. The original French article is posted here.

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Hello. I am CnCBoy, I wrote this article with Tehnloss, MartinMB and other people of the CnCSaga Team.


We decided to take an humoristic take in this article.

It was somehow a sequel to the previous article we did for april fool.


April Fool article was on the seven sins in the CnC Serie.


Translated in english : http://www.microsoft...pic.php?id=8756

Original french article: http://www.cncsaga.c...pic.php?id=8756

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Nice one.

The automatic translation is a little rough, but the unrelated potty video was a nice suprise.

Afghanistan makes a whole lot more sense now...

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