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Guest Rabbit

Here's a list of Items I want to add, along with a description of what they do.

Food - Recuperates the player.
Water - Recuperates the player (less).
"Potion" - Mix of blended herbs, fruits, and animal bits. Recuperates with an added placebo effect.

Iron Potion - Basically a temporary invulnerability potion


Key Items
For Usefulness
Hatchet - For chopping down certain trees
Pickaxe - For breaking boulders or general rock barriers.
Shovel - For digging holes (holes that are already noticeable that need to be expanded, or places where a hint tells the character to dig here)
Torch - For lighting up a dark area. Can scare some enemies away, while attracting others.

For the Storyline
Parcel - A package or mail slip that needs to be delivered to someone for the purpose of a mission.

I'll add more to this as I can think of it.

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I just wrote a very nifty set of common events for torch lighting in my RPGM game, I could give them to you if you don't already have something.


I'm assuming for most of your other stuff, you'll just be basing your idea off the default icon set, yes?


As for your potion... isn't this kind of the wrong era for that? Placeholder name I hope?

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Guest Rabbit

Yeah, it's a placeholder name. I basically want the potion to be replaced by a more time appropriate "home remedy."


But yeah, I have a decent event setup going for dark caves when torches are and aren't in posession.


I just need to think of a decent list of stuff that could be useful and appropriate to the setting of this game.

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What's the "placebo effect" potion causes? Also, I think Spagyric might be a good name for it (it's an herbal medicine related to alchemy), or if you want a more generic word, Tincture might work too.

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