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Cartoon and Conquer 1st Anniversary

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One year ago, I created the first Cartoon and Conquer.


366 days and 27 cartoons later, here we are. Tomorrow I will release the first episode of year 2. In the mean time...


Never quite sure what type of soldier each character is? Wish you could understand their psyche a bit more? Now for the 1st anniversary of Cartoon and Conquer, I have added a Character bio list to the official Cartoon and Conquer site.


Click on the head shots to view full-body portraits of each of the main and secondary characters and read a short summary about them.




Now you might be wondering why the Guardian GI and Tesla Trooper have never even had speaking lines and yet get to join the list. This is only because the occasion has not yet arisen in which they will be given a bigger role, but they are intended to be part of the main cast. While admittedly, the Allied sergeant has had a more predominant position thus far, he is not supposed to be part of the main cast (this may possibly change in time, who knows).


Now then, as part of this momentous occasion, should you feel so inclined, you can tell me which characters and/or episodes you have liked the best up to this point.


If you have any questions about the strip you have been pondering, but never felt like asking, you should ask them here too.

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hehe, neat stuff there :)

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