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XCC Mixer Updated

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For the first time four years, Olaf van der Spek has released an updated version of his popular editing and modding tool, XCC Mixer. Version 1.47 fixes a bug of the copy as MAP (TS) Preview function, with this you can convert any image into a PreviewPack text section. This can be copied in maps for a new custom map preview image.



Grab the latest version from the XCC official site, or from the direct link above.

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I'm not sure we're gonna have some documentation, but XCC Editor now:

- open the map unlocked

- for TD you can make SNOW theater maps

- the *.INI file is saving in low caps

Let me see if it can open BINs with weird tiles ...

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Olaf should make a plugin for 7-Zip so you can open C&C files with it.

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I wish XCC Mixer would one day would gain abilities to open xml files.


It's great to have an update once again for XCC tools.

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