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The Dawn of the Tiberium Age 1.1117 Released

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Version 1.1117 of The Dawn of the Tiberium Age for Tiberian Sun has been released. This updated version includes a lot of fixes and additions, as well as many new maps. Listed below are some the new ingame enhancements.


  • All buildings with chimneys (power plants, the war factory and the research facility) now have smoke/steam animations in the enhanced mode (which can be disabled by lowering the detail level)
  • There are now hunter-seeker crates (they don't inflict as much damage as the ones in TS, but they can help with finding/destroying that last pesky hidden unit when Short Game is disabled)
  • Laser fence posts no longer look like tiny wooden poles and have more hitpoints (about 3 times as many as a brick wall piece), although they can no longer be turned off
  • You can now build MIGs and Tesla tanks after capturing the tech center of an opposite faction
  • And GDI can now build the M.A.D. Tank.

Check out this thread posted in our Community News forum for more details about this release. You can also read the full changelog. Visit the The Dawn of the Tiberium Age site for the download.

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