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Red Alert installer for Original CDs/ISOs (win xp/vista/7 32&64)

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Is this new update still suposed to work with Arda?

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i never dropped support for arda, i still got the original 303 binary in there especially for arda :P But i didnt tested it with arda since looong time, it might be possible that its not working anymore :/


If you want to use arda with that installation, make sure you create the arda.ini file and turn the no-cd patch on (incase you chose to do a no-cd install)


Im going to do some tests the next days, if arda still works with it then im writing a proper arda.ini automaticly during installation


Edit: since the problem was only related to the missing "mpgdll.dll" i was able to fix it quick, new version is now online :P

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Per the other thread, Arda worked flawlesly for hours with heavy mods. Just 3 minor issues that may be able to fix with settings tinkering that I'll report on later on.

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