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Command & Conquer War Stories

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All is fairly silent on the Generals 2 front and all we can do here is wait. Except waiting is boring...


So why not reminisce on the days of old, of C&C games we played long ago that yet linger in our memories?


Let not your epic tales die in history, tell them here. Reflect upon your most epic moments in C&C, whether you won or lost is irrelevant, it's how the game was played.


I've got a few good tales I could relate, but I'll just start off with just one...


:ren: This took place in Renegade, the C&C game I spent more time playing online than all other C&C games I've played online put together.


The game was a marathon match (no time limit) on Islands, I had been placed on GDI side.


I don't remember how the beginning went down, but Nod took out our Refinery and War Factory, leaving us with a Barracks against their full base. Unfortunately for Nod, we had earned enough cash before losing our Refinery that our whole team was wealthy enough to invest in high-tier units. We were so well equipped, that we repelled multiple tank rushes regardless of the various assortments they tried. The occasional Stealth Black Hand infiltrators were nothing more than suicide.


However, as much money as we had, Nod still had their Refinery and had even more money, so much so that everyone regarded their funds as virtually inexhaustible, allowing them to replace the tanks we destroyed as soon as we destroyed them.


With their constant flow of attacks, we could not mount our own coordinated assault as our base would fall the second any number of our team left guard duty.


GDI's defeat seemed inevitable, but we weren't going to go down easy, as is normally the case in marathons.


I don't remember how long into the match this was, but it could have been in excess of an hour in when our funds were starting to fail and each Nod rush was getting closer to success.


I decided to scout the tunnels under the islands with a Hotwire and was surprised to have been able to reach the Nod base before getting killed when I took the longer tunnel route (left GDI entrance, right Nod entrance). After death, I bought another Hotwire and took the path again, and still met relatively little resistance before ultimately dying. I had enough money that dying wasn't that significant, so I continued to repeat this same process and never met heavy resistance. There were mines too of course, but Nod was too preoccupied with their victory to bother replacing them.


I lost at least six Hotwires repeating the same tactic, though I don't remember how many the final number was. Eventually, I made it inside the Hand of Nod and was tossing C4 on the terminal before being spotted. The enemy didn't shoot right away, instead choosing to send me a private message joking about how he saw me mining his base. I responded by throwing proximity mines on him and shooting him in the face with my pistol.


He had been so sure that he had the advantage, that he was taken completely off guard when I killed him and finished mining the terminal. Of course, his whole team suffered from the same attitude and were too confident that the victory was theirs to notice their Hand of Nod was infiltrated and blowing up in time to save it.


While my team, who until this time had been counting down the minutes until their demise, got a massive boost in confidence, Nod was still certain they had the victory sealed with their Airstrip and unlimited funds.


Unfortunately for them, GDI's team of high-tier units could now pick off their remaining irreplaceable Sakuras and overwhelm their tanks with Personal Ion Cannons. A GDI infantry rush placed a beacon on the very end of the Airstrip where it was basically impossible for Nod engineers to safety work while others mined the Refinery terminal. As vehicles were their only hope, Nod focused on their Airstrip and easily lost their Refinery. Despite their best efforts, the beacon could not be disarmed and GDI took the win.


Hopefully that wasn't too long... ;)

Now share your greatest C&C moments.

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I've told some of you about it, but here it is again. It was in Yuri's Revenge against my brother, took place on XWIS a few years ago :yr:


So, it was an arctic island map, which I couldn't remember if my life depended on it. I was Yuri, he was Soviet. He was in the northeastern corner, I was somewhere in the southwest. So, I spammed Boomers to demolish his base, and I did for the most part. All that were left were some Tesla Reactors and a War Factory spamming Flak Tracks. However, while I was busy with his base, he managed to sneak some Apocs behind my base and wreck it completely, with nothing left. Luckily, I managed to save my MCV and put it into an Amphibious Transport to a tiny island with a Tech Oil Derrick. I rebuilt my base and even built a Psychic Dominator. He saw no point in playing more and surrendered.


He usually beats me in games online, so this was my "5 minutes of fame", as we say here.

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No one else has any C&C stories to tell? Fine, I'll tell another one...


:yr: It was a Yuri's Revenge match on Tour of Egypt, 2 vs 2. I was a Soviet, my ally I don't remember, one of our opponents was an Allied country, and the other Libyan.


Very early into the game, my ally quit. I decided to keep playing even though things were looking grim. My Libyan enemy kept building up a massive force of Demo Trucks and hiding them all over their side of the map underneath my Allied enemy's forest of Gap Generators, while the Allied enemy built up a huge force of Prism Tanks and IFVs.


I was vastly outnumbered and would be killed as soon as they decided to attack, but it seemed they liked to play with their prey first.


I scouted their bases which sprawled across about one-third of the entire map and I noticed they were littered with Demo Trucks, each one parked alone. Of course, the Libyan made sure to keep his trucks behind their barrier of Prism Towers for protection.


Prism Towers are powerful, but their weakness is rate of fire against many fast-moving targets. So I created a strike team of 12 Terror Drones and rushed them in through their front door. Most of them died, as was to be expected, but several of them made it to his closest Demo Truck, though only one was necessary.


The Terror Drone ate his truck in a second and suddenly their entire third of the map exploded, completely annihilating all but one of the Libyan's buildings, and perhaps 80-90% of the other enemy's base.


Unfortunately, the Allied enemy's group of Prism Tanks and IFVs had been sitting outside their base at the time on the south end of my side of the map and still managed to take me down for the win (I knew they would, I just wasn't going to go down quietly).

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I remember a game of Tiberium wars, it was that redzone map, 2v2, me and my ally were on the left side and the other two the right. I pretty much killed my opposite, my ally however decided to go get himself killed by a base crawler, eventually he retreated to my base with his MCV and no money and a four scorpions.


Base crawler pushed me off his ally, but he was dead already and quit soon after and then came for me and my ally. The game went on for a good twenty minutes till we eventually pushed him back, me with lots of beam cannons that outranged his annoying Obselisks, and my ally with his tanks.


Eventually we pushed back with beam cannons and won the game. I remember that one because I ****ing hate base crawling bastards.



I also remember my favourite tactic in Red alert 2, quickly advance to a tech lab thing, build a Seal stuff seal into an IFV and go blow up the enemy base before they can build any tanks. Yeah, that was fun, of course it failed magnificently if they killed my Seal, but still, fun. :P

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My younger brother and I started a match of Tiberian Sun (FS) a few years back, and since that LAN game he doesn't want to play against me anymore. Why is that?


It was a one on one match with "standard" startup options on tech level 10. The map was Forest Fires so each of us had one small base entrance (and a 'back door' path). My brother, due to his more FPS-like gaming preferences, never did have a thing for RTS tactics so he just bunkered his base up with stationary defenses and what not, a real turtle. Throughout the game I was unchallenged in my expansions for the most part. Oh and he was GDI, while I was playing as Nod even though we usually play the other way around. Both of us reached the upper tech level units and buildings due to my decision not to run him over early on.


Around mid-game, things got a bit boring for me, so I sent a Mobile Stealth Generator to deploy itself right at his very base entrance - a space between two cliffs which he HAD to cross when venturing out of his base. After it was set up, I sent a Mutant Hijacker down to the Mobile Stealth Generator to be on stand-by for some funny moments. After a few minutes, I notice my brother laughing from the other room most likely because he didn't have a good view of the map and thought that he had a more powerful army at the time. As a "display of power" he sent out his first Mammoth walker out his gate and through the path to his base, thinking I' d see it and "panic" (hahaha) - which I did (the noticing of the unit part ;)).


What he didn't expect is for his Mammoth to just be walking along and SWOOOSH! His unit just wanished from his screen (due to my Hijacker and Generator). A few seconds later, oh look! There's your Mammoth bro! He's returning to your base, and has been spray-painted to match my faction color by my best street painter - the Mutant Hijacker! ^_^


I've never laughed so hard during a game of TS! The look on his face after that event was priceless. :ts:

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My lone zonetrooper vs a black hand commando squad in in Kanes Wrath conquest mode. I send the troops up to a tib field on a cliff with another huge blue field right underneath it. I thought I was screwed until I saw the stupid AI sent its units over the blue field.

When they reached the top I had my zonetrooper jump down and the AI turned around and it chased my unit over the blue field AGAIN. I just kept my zt jumping up and down, making the black hands walk across the field over and over intil they died.

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for me i remember the days of LAN Party's! well it was about 1997.... and we were playing some RA1 soviet vs soviet, well i remember this match fondly, as it was about 4am in the morning and my mate decided to tank rush me. well as i am a smart a** i decided i would do the same except i used the cheap but great Soldier and rush him with a screen of them, it was by far the funnest thing to see as his screen could barely handle all of that going on. long story short i lost but it was so dam funny seeing a computer struggle with the information on the screen. ha! good times

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