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Midweek Madness Steam Sale - 75% Off C&C Games

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All Command & Conquer games on Steam have been slashed in price by 75% as a part of the Midweek Madness Steam Sale. This is a great opportunity to add that missing Command & Conquer game to your collection.



These deals expire in about 10 hours from the time of this news update. Click here for more info.

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I got all of them except for CNC4 :)

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$5 is good value for Uprising. :)

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Strange how EU prices are pretty good here, it's usually the other way around.

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Red Alert 3

Tiberium Wars + Kane's Wrath


defenetly worth buying it again, and i did, now i have i think 3 times each of them original LOL (and in my new PC and and in Full HD LED monitr, damn they look in Ultra graphics super cool!)


CnC4 if you pay me 10euros or 15$, well i may MAY consider downloading it :rolleyes:


next stop August and the End Of Nations :thumbsup:


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