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GenTool 5.6 Released

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GenTool, a popular add-on for C&C Generals and Zero Hour which enhances the gameplay experience, especially in multiplayer, was recenlty updated to version 5.6. The fixes and improvements this release are....


  • Fixed Error 45, Error 13 and similar on game launch/exit
  • Fixed MDS false positives due attack-move with high range and similar moves
  • Fixed user error with wrong windows clock DST settings by increasing clock adjustment tolerance to 1:05 hours
  • Fixed upload.log not being saved to correct location when storage was changed
  • Added modding support by allowing custom camera height settings from GameData.ini
  • Added popup on game start if game version is not fully supported
  • Changed texts
  • Changed major parts of code

You can download version 5.6 from CNCNZ.com using the link below. Or head to the official site for the download.


dl_icon.gif GenTool 5.6 (5.61 MB)

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