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Cartoon and Conquer #35

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Guest Rabbit

This one made me do the haha. :P

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I actually made a mistake with this one. I usually write the scripts for the strips two episodes (that's four weeks) ahead when I have plenty of free time to think up jokes, then start drawing them about five or six hours before uploading them, revising the scripts during this stage if necessary.


This week, however, I was running behind and was in a hurry to release on time when I noticed the script was wrong. It was written to be an engineer talking to the infantryman, as an engineer would have been in charge of construction, but the engineer belongs to GDI.


As I was late, I didn't have time to come up with a new script and didn't have any other Tiberium Universe ones available, so I either had to make it GDI losing a base or swap out the engineer. GDI is somewhat more time consuming to draw than Nod and a nuke is a lot harder to draw than an ion cannon (plus I already did a nuke strip), so I had to make the flame trooper doing the speech, which isn't his personality and there is no reason why he would have a better understanding of what they were doing.


Luckily, the infantryman is an idiot and it is unlikely anyone thought it odd that a flame trooper was explaining something to him.


I really should start these things earlier, but I am way too lazy...

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This one is really good, regardless :)

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