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Interview with Frank Klepacki

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GameReplays have posted a short interview they had with long time Command & Conquer composer, Frank Klepacki. In the interview he talks about his current work at Petroglyph, musical inspirations and more. Here's part of it.



GameReplays: What has been the most demanding soundtrack you've worked on so far? Is there a soundtrack or song you're particularly proud of?


Frank Klepacki: Most demanding is a tie probably between Star Wars: Empire at War and the latest one I've worked on, End of Nations. Star Wars in that there was an incredibly high standard already set by the almighty John Williams that I had to write new material for to fit into that context, and being such a fan, I was not going to rest until it felt right to me. End of Nations in that the quantity of music was huge, and has a cool hybrid of styles that make up its sound. I feel its some of my best work, and all of it was recorded live. Both were demanding, but in different and positive ways.


GameReplays: What has been your biggest musical inspiration?


Frank Klepacki: Well I have had several key inspirations along the way. My parents inspired me to be a musician. John Williams & Vince Dicola were my main inspiring composing influences. Louis Castle was for opening my eyes to game development, and Paul Mudra for mentoring me in game audio and pushing my compositional skills. That's just the beginning. There are several bands, people I've worked with over the years and throughout my career, that I've been inspired by in some way.


Click here for the full interview.

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It's sad future new C&C games may not include Frank Klepacki to compose the score themes. The recent ones were decent starting with CNC3 all the way to CNC4.

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