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Tiberium Crystal War v1.52 Released

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Version 1.52 of Tiberium Crystal War has been released. Tiberium Crystal War is a standalone conversion of the Renegade W3D Engine with C&C3 structures, units, sounds and assets in a First Person Shooter environment. The latest version includes the following fixes and changes....


  • Added extra Wallpapers and Logo's created by Kenz3001 and Hunter-Seeker
  • Updated TCW-Launcher icon with a nicer one
  • Updated tcw.ico icon file with a nicer one
  • Added forgotten map Mission03 which is based on Westwood's map M03 in Coop style

More information can be found in this thread on our forums. Or head over to the Tiberium Crystal War site for more.

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I wonder how far one can stretch the Westwood 3D engine.... how many polys can it support?? and the highest resolution on the texture?? just wondering


and yea, why the UDK section on their site require password?? i always assume thats might be the Unreal section or something...

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