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The Golden Age - A Visual History of Nod

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Just a couple of days ago, RTSGuru posted a new article called The Golden Age - A Visual History of Nod. it takes a look at how the Brotherhood of Nod have developed over the years, mechanically and stylistically, from the original Command & Conquer through to Tiberian Twilight. Tiberium Alliances does get a mention towards the end though. Here's a part of the article.




Ah, the Brotherhood of Nod. Across 17 years and more than five games, not counting expansions, who can fail to recognize your units or structures? Truly one of the most memorable leaders and design aesthetics in all of RTS history, the Brotherhood has lived under three game studios (if you count Phenomic) and may yet be resurrected for another title with the upcoming free to play Command and Conquer platform (there are some unsubstantiated rumors about EA’s plans for that). Before beginning my research for this article, I had assumed that the first two titles would resemble each other the closest, but when playing I found a lot of visual homage to the original included in Command and Conquer 3. And really, it’s the first 3 titles that are most interesting to compare against one another: Twilight and Alliances are interesting projects but bear little resemblance to what most people think of as Command and Conquer.


Whatever happens to the future of the Command and Conquer universe, we can be thankful for all of the moments we’ve had in the past playing these excellent titles: from the still-engaging Tiberian Dawn to the complexities introduced in Tiberium Wars, we’ve been able to enjoy this vision of the future, and the bitter wars that the Brotherhood fought under the direction of the prophet Kane.


You can read the full article right here.

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A nice diverting read.

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