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C&C:Generals Zero Hour: How to use the unusable Buildings?

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Hey guys i have already a faction. but a one problem is here, i want to use the unusable buildings like the Alpha Buildings.

and i have the textures of the alpha buildings like usa alpha buildings. i want to make them usable for my new faction

but i dont know what to do T_T halp me.


and guys u see my profile pic thats my faction pic.

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I already made a tutorial for that a year ago, which you can see here - http://forums.cncnz....zh/#entry188844


There's also a tutorial on making completely new units, if you're interested, which can be found here - http://forums.cncnz.com/topic/16198-adding-new-units-to-cc-zero-hour/#entry198701


Smaller fonts would be nicer, kthx.

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Since this is a modding related question it is being moved to the appropriate forum.

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i mean how usa buildings turn to alpha usa buildings

.... meaning?

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