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Rebellious Ducks

An endless amount of questions!

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I have a list of questions to ask:

1) Is it possible (ares included) to create a new side aka: Allies, Soviets, Yuri, _NewSide__, another newside.

2) Is anyone making .shps and voxels for modders besides yr arg.

3) Is it possible to add new campaigns

4) How do you add Red Alert 2's music into YR

5) How many mission should a campaign have (remaking old ones)


thanks in advance for your help!

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1) Yes, but only with Ares.

2) PPM has a fair bit of content.

3) With Ares, it's possible to add a third campaign but that's all.

4) Uncomment the entries in thememd.ini then include the music mix from the CD. Make sure it's named expandmdXX.mix where XX is a two digit number. EX; expandmd74.mix.

5) Entirely up to you. You can control missions and mission flow entirely with their respective INI files.

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Cool thanks more questions may arise as i work :)


EDIT: Already more questions

1) Does anyone have bases for .shp files for all 3 sides

2) How does FA2 Work

Edited by Rebellious Ducks

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Try and learn. Find and read mission making manuals. Look at how it's done in the original game missions. There's really no easy answer for that besides 'hard work', you know :P

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