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Tiberium Twinkle

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I found this and iv found other tutorials and iv never been able to get it to work.


I reread the entire thing from start to fininsh again with a clear head and after a few months from my last attempt and I noticed something.


Tiberium Twinkle (Single Player Only) **

As minor as it maybe, simple effects like Tiberium twinkle add great eyecandy to any game, as seen in RA2 and RA1

For some reason this effect was excluded from TS by default by like many other things the leftover animations are still left in the conquer.mix from RA1

Step 1

Firstly convert the TWNK1 TWNK2 and TWNK3 .shp's to the anim.pal.


Where do the TWNK1, 2 and 3 come from? And what tools do I need to do this step? I normally just skipped it figuring it was allready in the game but one of those default off little hidden things from the writing above step 1.



Also does any one know how to change the color of things like the nod laser turrent? Under the weapon listing in the rules.ini theres a color section for inner and outter color but that doesnt seem to change it.

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