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is it possible to choose which game to patch?

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I recently just found a way to play ZH, reason caused by the patch v03 rev 4, and install Gentools instead. I still want to play other games as well, and I don't want the patch to touch Generals and ZH obviously, so is there a way to selectively patch the games??


many thanks



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I got manual versions of most of the TFD patches in 1.03 on my TFD fixes page, here:


Mind you, the full scope of the 1.03 patch also includes a ton of smaller tweaks and fixes mentioned in the Common Problems thread on the EA forum:



Oh, I think the 1.03 patch also has the no-dvd edits for all games... which can be found somewhere in the bare folder listing on my site:



Mind you, for C&C1, RA1 and TS you're probably better off downloading community-made re-packed versions of the freeware releases than bothering to clean up the TFD version.

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