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C&C Classic Revolution for Red Alert: Aftermath

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C&C Classic Revolution is a new mod for Red Alert with the Aftermath expansion. This mod includes the USA going head to head with the USSR in a Cold War gone hot scenario. The mod features gameplay that is different from the traditional Red Alert style, with powerful infantry units, a new method of expanding and a lot more. Check out this gameplay video below.

You can find more information, screen shots and the download links in this thread on the C&C Comm Center forums.

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Hi! White here, the maker of C&C: Classic Revolution.
Thanks so much for posting up my mod! Seeing the attention makes me work on it more :D

Hope anyone that comes here decides to come and check out the full post at CnC-Comm, but more importantly, I hope you download the mod and have a go!

If you're having trouble finding players, or have anny other technical issues, try the CnCnet IRC chat room. I'm often there and so are some of my trusty friends (who may be able to help you out if I'm not in: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=cncnet

See you on the battlefield commander.


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Saw this last night. It seems very interesting. I'll give it a shot :)

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