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Tiberium Alliances - The Forgotten Endgame Wallpaper

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Those tanks on balls are came from Red Alert 3: Uprising. Anyone remember one of the new allied artillery units? Thats is. EA designers are so lazy :(

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You mean the Pacifier FAV? Yeah does look similar I guess, but it looks like a Juggernant turret section on top....




The larger tank behind it looks like the FutureTank X-1, also from Uprising....




I don't think it a case of the designers being lazy, its just using ideas from other games and seeing what looks best. And since Tiberium Alliances is nothing to do with the main franchise it doesn't really matter what they do in terms of canon.

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I hope next tiberium games will not continue these Forgottens. Especially if that faction will steal vechicles from all universes, including Red Alert 3, Generals and GDI with Nods

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