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C&C Untitled - New Renders & Screenshots

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C&C Untitled, the Zero Hour mod, has received 6 new renders for all to behold, alongside some new screenshots and some individual unit and structure renders. The renders feature the Gatling Canon, GLA Troop Crawler, Heavy Railgun Defense, Propaganda Tower, SWAT Van and USA Dozer. The SWAT Van is part of a tech police tech tree that can be accessed when capturing a new tech structure. The new screenshots display a detailed Chinese base.

8Q85YHW.jpg ijetu2b.jpg
EvvvheI.jpg HRvR2Xe.jpg

Click here to visit the mod's gallery and see all of the renders. The new screenshots can all be seen here, while the renders of the actual units and structures in the game can be seen here and a new video of the tech police in action, here.

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Another Generals 2 looking screenshots. Sadly Zero Hour can't hold so nice picture

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