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Cartographer's Call III: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am pleased to announce the third Cartographer's Call: Yuri's Revenge Mapping Competition! Hosted over on Project Perfect Mod. The past two Cartographer's Call competitions have been very successful in bringing some faces from all around the modding community over here to take part in making some maps, but this time, we have some extra prizes available so you have all the more reason to compete!

  • Prizes:
    Along with a custom rank of your choice which will be supplied by Project Perfect Mod's admin, Banshee and as our main prize, a copy of C&C Ultimate Collection up for grabs for the FIRST PLACE WINNER! The C&C Ultimate Collection has all 17 C&C games up to C&C4 and serial key has not been used! It even comes with an authenticated and autographed C&C game art picture in a frame.

For more details, rules, judging and all other necessary information, head over to the official thread.

Good luck everybody, may the best mapper win!

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