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Game saves - questions

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Just two questions.

First, is it possible to change the order of the files in game load window ? If yes, how ? And is it possible to change the names of these files ?

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As far as I know, they're just sorted by Last Modified date. If you want one to be on top, open it in a hex editor and save it again without modifying anything, and it's done. As for changing the name, well, I expect you can do that in a hex editor too :P


Not sure how TS does its maximum length for savegame names though. If it's variable in length you can probably only make it as long as the original name was. One basic rule when hex editing is to never change the size of a file. Always overwrite bytes, never add new ones anywhere in between.



Though if you mean actually change the filenames TS loads... um... why would you want that?

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