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Work with Games in Ultimate Edition Pack?

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I tried to edit a few units for C&C: Tiberian Dawn, but when I tried to apply then, I got a string of error messages and then chose to run the game from TibEd. It took me to my Origin screen to run the game from there and then it crashed with another error message. I didn't think to screen print them yet isnce I want to know if and how it will work with The Ultimate Collection Pack. Is there a workaround, patch or trick or will it simply not work? if not, are there any other editors out there? (ccedit for C&C Gold failed)

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The Origin version of the C&C95 exe file is edited, and won't work with TibEd. Patching it with my 1.06 patch fixes that, though, but remember not to use the Origin updating function on the game after that or it'll revert everything again.

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